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Chocolate Rice Pudding Recipe

1 Aug

Rice Pudding

Not too long ago, I was reminiscing to my husband about this Gourmet Rice Pudding restaurant we once lived by. We even sat down on the internet to see if there was one near us, or even in our state! Sadly, there isn’t. As if my pinterest heard my silent cries, along comes a Chocolate Rice Pudding […]

Rice Krispie Treat Kisses

31 Jul

Rice Krispie Treat Kisses

For me, nothing screams “SUMMER!” like a yummy Rice Krispie Treat. Now that summer is coming to an end, I’m desperately trying to get all my Rice Krispie Treat fixes in. This treat has a lot of history is “Mandyville”. My mom used to make these for Valentine’s Day, and dye them pink. She’d either […]

Best Cake Pops Recipe

21 Mar

Cake Pops

I’ve had my eye on this new trend of “cake pops” but I never dove in head first because I didn’t want to commit to all the equipment you need to make them. And then my sister brought home an experiment for us to try- cake pops with OUT the cake pop pan/appliance. What you […]

Special K Treats Recipe

13 Feb

The curse of an office job- finger food snacks that leave you asking for the recipe! This is a Special K Treats Recipe floating around my husband’s office. Someone brought some in, and my husband insisted I keep the recipe for future use. So, I whipped them up last weekend for Superbowl Sunday. It is […]

Football Cupcakes

10 Feb

Have you seen those new boxed cupcakes with the filling called Fundamiddles? Mmmm I just love those. I’m not even sure what “flavor” that filling is but it is divine! They make filled cupcakes so easy (I am not paid to say that, it is just truly my opinion!). Superbowl Sunday was a great excuse to […]

Popcorn Ball Treats

29 Sep

Are you ready for the best popcorn ball recipe to have ever existed? Well, you are about to get it! What’s more, I’m going to show you how to make it into a cute gift for neighbors or teachers.Apple Popcorn Balls (perfect for teachers!) and Pumpkin Popcorn Balls Here we go! What you’ll need:3/4 cup […]

Patriotic Fruit Kabobs

6 Sep

How was everybody’s Labor Day weekend? We had a blast! My entire immediate family was together, and all day we just played games, swam, ate, and talked. It was too fun. I decided to get patriotic for Labor day and I made a little side dish for our breakfast of french texas toast. I made […]

Owl Cupcakes

3 Sep

I have a new pet peeve. I can’t stand it when someone “pins” something on pinterest without pinning the direct source. I’ve seen pins from sources of just the jpg, pins of the blogs home page and not the direct post, etc. So when I click to see the source or instructions, all I get […]

Golf Cupcakes

18 May

My husband, dad, brother, sister’s husband, and husband’s brother are all golfers (did you follow that?) Or at least you could say, they golf. Perhaps not “Golfers” per say. Bwahaha. So for my brother in law’s birthday we made these darling cupcakes: Graham Cracker “bunker” Sugar Pearl “Golf Ball” (do you see it there in […]


5 May


Easter has come and gone, and all that candy has gone on sale at our local stores. So, what do you do with the left over peeps? Make peepshi! (Like sushi, but it’s not fish!). This idea actually came from my husband. I have to give credit where it is due. I came home from a […]