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Blowing Kisses Your Way Card

13 May

Blowing Kisses Your Way Card

This year for Mother’s Day we made a few cards with the kids to send out (I couldn’t post it until I knew theĀ recipientsĀ all received theirs). The tag line for this project, “blowing kisses your way” card, can be used for any affectionate occasion. I created the main part of the card digitally (the caption, […]

How To Make Bath Fizzies

14 Feb

I like calling them “Bath Bombs” better but for some reason repeating that second “b” word on the internet scares me, haha! So we shall call them Bath Fizzies.This recipe is incredibly simple, and apparently a HUGE hit. I gave these away to my sisters, mom and a friend for Valentine’s day and so far […]