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DIY Mickey Lights

7 Dec

DIY Mickey Lights

This one comes to you from the biggest Mickey fan I know- my aunt Nancy! There are two things my aunt Nancy loves, first Mickey, second Dr. Pepper. She came up with a way to combine her two passions for a holiday decor, a DIY Mickey Lights display. What you’ll need:35-40 Soda Can Bottoms (depending […]

Santa’s Nice List Certificate

20 Nov

Santa has made his list, and checked it twice! It is time to gear up for Christmas for all those nice boys and girls. I’ve got a few free printables for you today, including Santa’s Nice List Certificate. The first printable is a door hanger for Santa that your child can add in preparation for […]

12 Cute Thanksgiving Treat Ideas

17 Nov

Isn’t funny that growing up you were always told “Don’t play with your food!” but now all you can do is search pinterest for food crafts? My Thanksgiving board on pinterest is fairly new, but I’ve started quite the selection of fun foods. Here are a few of my favorites:  Are you in charge of […]

Custom Halloween Photo Edits

9 Oct

Halloween Photo Edits

PicMonkey is a great go-to website for quick photo editing needs. I mostly use it for easy collage making when I have a project to post but I took too many photos! I personally prefer Photoshop, but PicMonkey makes photo editing easy for the average user who doesn’t have time or patience for Photoshop. For Halloween […]

Rice Krispie Treat Kisses

31 Jul

Rice Krispie Treat Kisses

For me, nothing screams “SUMMER!” like a yummy Rice Krispie Treat. Now that summer is coming to an end, I’m desperately trying to get all my Rice Krispie Treat fixes in. This treat has a lot of history is “Mandyville”. My mom used to make these for Valentine’s Day, and dye them pink. She’d either […]

Gag Gift For Dad

17 Jun

Not all Father’s Day gifts are meant to be sentimental or thoughtful. Sometimes, Dads just need a good laugh. My dad is no exception. Lucky for him, I married a comedian (at least I think so). Last year, I made my dad an apron out of old trousers (see here) because my dad loves to […]

Dad Passes

12 Jun

Brought to you by Looking for a fun and creative Father’s Day gift that costs next to nothing? Check out these printable Dad Passes – tickets to use to get out of chores or to use towards play time with kids! I love it- they are adorably designed and can easily be made into […]

Don’tcha Gnome?

1 May

Garden Gnome

A couple weeks ago I showed you my Picket Fence Planter for our front walkway. My first round of planting failed. I think now Arizona has reached the “too hot to start” season and my flowers are not thriving. After a quick browse through Wal-Mart, I found something to put in my planter! Not only […]

Easter Place Settings

7 Apr

Egg Place Card Easter Table Settings

This year for Easter I decided to add to the tablescape that would be at my parent’s house. We have a large-ish family and I wanted to find something that could be fun Easter place settings for everyone joining us.I love browsing the silhouette store on portfolios of artists/designers I’ve already purchased from before (to […]

Bunny Easter Baskets

5 Apr

My parents are so talented. I feel like I get a little creative edge from them, but not quite to their magnitude yet! When I was little, my dad was a huge woodworker. He’d create all sorts of things for us kids. My mom is a very talented painter. When I was little, my dad created […]