Chocolate Chip Bag Tip

31 Jul

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Here’s an idea floating around pinterest that is so cool I had to jump on and show you all…. A Chocolate Chip Bag Tip!
What do you do with a chocolate chip bag after it’s been opened but not fully used? There’s the classic roll it up on itself and tuck it tight back in the cupboard, or a rubberband, or chip clamps…. but how about taking an old drink bottle top and creating not only a tight seal but an easy to pour top?! The original pin came from here, and I’ve had it on my Tips & Tricks board for quite some time now. It’s time to show you how I put this idea into play!

Chocolate Chip Bag Aid

I never do anything the exact way someone else did. I like putting my own creativity into work along with someone else’s idea. As you can see, I added hot glue to the raw edges of the cut plastic bottle head. The idea of having potentially sharp edges on the baking good that is most likely just grabbed quickly without much thought was not a pleasant one. I fixed that right away. Now, I can grab and go without worrying about slitting my finger tips 🙂 Also, instead of using a Gatorade bottle like the pin, I used an Apple Juice bottle. I wanted the wider form to fit around the bag better. Plus, the wider spout for easy and faster pouring.

Not only does this little tip create an easy pouring situation, but it keeps it sealed tight. I’m trying to hurry and drink our other Apple Juice container so I can do this same thing for our white chocolate chip bag we have.

I give this pin 4 thumbs up.


This post was originally posted in February 2012 as a feature post on the pin. I finally pulled it from my to-do list and have decided to repost it to show you my shot at it.

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