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11 Apr

Don’t you hate it when you prepare a lesson, only to find out that you prepared next week’s lesson on accident? What’s worse is I had 10 minutes before church to improvise on what the lesson was supposed to be on. I had even made treats for the 5 year olds to take home. OH well. The good news is, my lesson for this Sunday is now already prepared. I still want to show you what I did!

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I had made these take out boxes on my Cameo. I first replaced my cameo blade with a marker and had it draw the CTR crest. Then, without removing the cutting mat from the machine, replaced the blade and had it cut the take out box template. After realizing last week’s lesson was actually not Choose The Right, I hand wrote “Next week’s lesson is on:” above the crest (lol!!!!) so that I could still hand out the muffins I had made. My class is 5, they don’t care! 😉 The template for the take out box comes with holes for ribbon, so I just went through my scrap box and found ones that would be long enough. It was a great way to get rid of my random pieces of ribbon!
Here is the template for the take out box, downloadable:

One thing I have learned about this age group, is that they love to color. Which is a great filler time for a teacher. We all know attention spans can be quite small for this age group. It helps to have a back up when I’ve reached my wit’s end trying to get them to pay attention. With that said, I always try to have a coloring page ready for them with each lesson. Sometimes the manual has one to use, and sometimes I have to make one up. Here’s the one I made up for this lesson…. which I will be using this week not last week lol.

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  1. Sherilyn April 11, 2012 at 4:20 pm #

    I am totally going to use this for my kids in nursery but adapt it to my lesson. Thanks Mandy!

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