College Care Package

12 Jan

My sister just left for her first real “out of the home” experience. She was accepted into the Interior Design program which was a dream of hers, but she never thought she’d be leaving home and all the family she had. She’s definitely going to have a hard time adjusting to a new scene and having to get to know new people, but we all know she is going to do great and that this is the best experience for her at this point in her life!
To help ease her emotions a little, I put together a care package that we stuck in the car with her amongst her belongings. I had a cute basket to do this all in, but decided (from my own college experience) that a tuberware would be most beneficial because she can reuse it!

Here is what I put inside:

Everyone loves a little “play on words” with food. Candy grams are especially popular, so my next care package may be one of those. I made sure to vinyl┬áher name on the box, so organizing her things with it later would be much easier to distinguish from roommate’s belongings. Lol. It was a total last minute thing so our next care package is going to be much more creative, I promise!

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