Creating A Basic Card Cut Out

13 Sep

Okay, don’t laugh. I uploaded my first video tutorial on YouTube. This has been in the works for a while now, but I just wasn’t sure what tutorial to start with. I’m feeling slightly insecure about this decision but because I had some inquiries on how to do certain things, I decided it was not a terrible idea. My first upload is Creating A Basic Card Cut Out how-to video tutorial. After getting some texts yesterday following my posting of my cupcake cards– I decided to sit down and do this one first because it was so quick and so easy. I even show you how I create a perforated middle for easy card folding in half. Take a quick peek and tell me what you think:

I hope to get more up soon. I’ve got a list of questions family and friends have asked me about the Silhouette that I hope to get to fairly quickly. Do you have any tutorials you’d like to see from me? The more popular ones will get posted first, of course. I hope you don’t get tired of my voice, and I hope I explain things well. Your feed back in highly important to me.
Remember, if you are viewing this in an RSS feed, the embedded video may now appear. You may have to click on the post in order to see the video box.

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