Curbside Chaos Yard Makeover

13 Oct

This post brought to you by Bulbs. Dig, Drop, Done.. All opinions are 100% mine.

As you all know, we have been working hard on getting our yard put together. We've added grass, a deck, pergola, plants and trees. There is so much more we could get done if the funding came in quicker! I was recently on Curbside Chaos and watched the video of Taniya makeover the winner Ruth's backyard.

I daydream of what we could do if we won a $5,000 makeover! Could you imagine?! What would you do? I think we'd start with finishing our curbing and fire pit. A built-in BBQ would be nice, so would a beautiful flower bed and garden. Oh my list would go on and on!
It was while I was daydreaming of winning a $5,000 makeover that I stumbled upon the "Dig, Drop, Done" Garden Guru Tool. It helps you figure out which bulb is perfect for your home depending on where you live! First, I picked my country and my location within my state. Next, it let me choose when I'd want my flowers to bloom. It gave me a list of bulbs that are compatible with growing in my area, and when I picked one it gave me a checklist of what I'd need to successfully plant the bulb. To see what is compatible for you,  visit to learn more

The word "bulb" used to scare me. I only knew 2 things about it, one was that I once saw it given as a gift in a movie (name that movie!) and two, it looked much more complicated than seeds. Boy was I wrong! There is nothing more simple than bulbs. Because they are extremely simple, you don't have to be a master gardener to benefit from planting them. They have a few ladies you can get acquainted with on their website. The classic "Super Mom" Marcy, the single "Fashionista" Juliana, and the "Empty Nester" Evelyn, each have their tips and secrets to bulb planting. Obviously, I relate more to Marcy- although some days, deep down inside I like to think of my self as a Fashionista like Juliana! Annnnd other days that I count down to being an Empty Nester like Evenlyn. None the less, the ladies break it down to the nitty gritty when it comes to bulbs!

Curbside Chaos is also a huge supporter to Rebuilding Together- a nonprofit organization working to revitalize communities. For all my Twitts out there (heehee), when you tweet "Bulbs. Dig, drop, done" and hashtag #CurbsideChaos, they will donate $1 to Rebuilding Together. Could you imagine helping give someone in your community a yard boost just by simply tweeting it? So easy! And giving. 

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  1. las artes November 5, 2012 at 10:18 am #

    Now that I have my ideas and tips for planting these new bulbs, I’m ready to get started. Only I wish I’d thought sooner to enter the Curbside Chaos makeover and my whole yard could have been done for me in a flash! Check out the winner and how they changed her yard!

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