Custom Halloween Photo Edits

9 Oct

PicMonkey is a great go-to website for quick photo editing needs. I mostly use it for easy collage making when I have a project to post but I took too many photos! I personally prefer Photoshop, but PicMonkey makes photo editing easy for the average user who doesn’t have time or patience for Photoshop. For Halloween this year, PicMonkey has added a fun treat that you can take advantage of for a fun accent to your spooky home decor! You can create a custom Halloween Photo Edit using any of your family photos! I am not personally a fan of Halloween- hence the lack of Halloween topics here, BUT i did have some fun creating one of these of our daughter Jolene.

Halloween Photo Edits

This is her faking a smile. When we say “say cheese!!!” she does this face. I thought it was perfect to monster-fy! Don’t you? PicMonkey helped me choose the look of the skin, eyes, background, fangs and the over lays of text and bats.
You could do a fun Family Photo for your mantel this year- or create a custom Halloween Party Invite! I’m having fun just playing with photos. There are many options to creep-ify your pictures, and you can save them all to your computer for easy printing options. Try it out for yourself here.

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