Custom Power Wheels Car

7 Jan

For my niece’s birthday, some relatives went in together to get her a power wheels car. The coolest part about her car, is that it comes with a remote control for mommy and daddy. So until she learns to drive it herself, mom and dad can drive her in it. When she learns to use the pedal, they can switch the gears to let her drive it. The car is red, so we decided it needed some girlie white additions to it. We created a custom power wheels car by simply adding vinyl and a new hood ornament!
Custom Power Wheels CarWe used outdoor grade vinyl in white for both the sides and the hood. The font we used is “Lavanderia“, which if you follow my blog then you know I love this font and use it often 😉
Custom Power Wheels Car

Custom Power Wheels Car

The font kind of looks like the Coca-Cola logo with it being white on a red car, hehe. We love it! But we weren’t done there. We needed a custom license plate for the power wheel. Using silver, white, and black vinyl we created a license plate referring to a joke between my sister and her father in law. The plate says “IGTSOUL” as in, “I got soul”… even though this isn’t a Kia Soul Power Wheel, it is meant for meaning between them.
Custom Power Wheels CarIf you know my sister, you know everything is “chic, chic, chic” for her style! And she pulls it off so well. I could never be as girlie, classy, chic as her. I can only wish and live it vicariously through her. With that said, it wouldn’t be right to have a custom power wheel car for my niece without a chic and glamorous custom hood ornament!
Custom Power Wheels Car- giant diamond ring for a hood ornament! So glamorous :)A giant diamond ring for a hood ornament! I found this ring on sale after Valentine’s Day last year at my local Kroger store. It was under a dollar and I knew I’d want it for something someday, I just never realized how perfect it would be for this project! 
Custom Power Wheels Car- diamond hood ornament! so glamorous!Customizing an ordinary toy is so easy when you just add simple touches of vinyl. It quickly becomes an attention-getter on the streets and is fun to add your own taste to!

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