Disconnect To Reconnect

8 Apr

This post brought to you by Gulf County, Florida. All opinions are 100% mine.

Jonathan has been traveling a lot with his new title at work. We knew this promotion would be beneficial for our family, I just never realized all the possible destinations I might accompany him to!  He finds out about a month in advance where he might be going, and then I get to do research and decide if this is a couple’s retreat, family vaca, or solo businessman trip 😉 Sometimes, there is travel within travel involved, like when he drove an extra 4 hours to visit his brother while he was in the same time zone. There is one destination I have my eye on, and I’m asking you to help me decide if this is a couple’s retreat or a family vacation.
Destination: Gulf County!
Located in Northwest Florida, Gulf County boasts 43 miles of natural shoreline. Surrounded by water, there are no high-rises or busy highways… and never will be! The white-sand beaches face westward into spectacular sunsets – on the Gulf of Mexico and St. Joseph Bay.

With beckoning bayous, unexpected wildlife encounters, and the mysterious Dead Lakes there are many reasons to explore. Plus, the natural environment calls for active vacationing like seaside bike trails, kayaks, stand-up paddleboards and snorkeling.  All of which could be great family activities…

However, being a mom of 3 under the age of 4 it is pretty enticing to do a couple’s retreat when they only have 2 stop lights and spotting Wi-Fi. Doesn’t it sound so serene to disconnect from the world in order to reconnect with yourself and/or your spouse?

What kind of cruel blogger would I be if I kept talking about the mystical destination I might embark on without letting you have your chance at it as well? It just so happens that this spring, Gulf County, Florida is holding a contest giving away a Spring Getaway to Gulf County. And entry to the contest has never been easier.

We’ve all done it before, the social media “selfie” share. Gulf County, Florida wants to see your selfie, in your own environment, just being you! Using the hashtag #GCFLnofilter, take to Instagram and set yourself free of filters. Get outside, get real, get messy, get active and show the real you to @gulfcountyfl
That’s it. You’ll be automatically entered into the giveaway. No hassle of filling out forms or jumping through hoops. Get entered by being YOU. From now until April 17th they are looking for “action” selfies. They will be posting great shots to their Facebook page and congratulating people for being beautiful, strong, confident, happy, etc. Then, they will pin pictures of great outdoor passions to the official #GCFLnofilter Pinterest board and give recommendations on where everyone might enjoy that passion in GCFL.  The Gulf County locals and loyal visitors will chime in, building suggestions around what makes people feel beautiful. Such a fun, creative and great way to showcase things to do in Gulf County while making it relative to the no filter selfie in you.
But the awesomeness doesn’t stop there. There’s a selfless motive behind this contest as well. For every entry GCFL receives (remember, an entry is simply a hashtag and shout out to @gulfcountyfl), they are going to donate $1 to Outdoor. Outdoor Nation is a movement helping to connect kids and teens back to the outdoors.
Just because I already have the potential of vacationing there doesn’t exempt me from wanting to win the trip free! Check out my action selfie on Instagram:


Now it’s your turn! Come visit GCFLLike GCFL on Facebook and salute real beauty!
What would be your favorite part of vacationing in Gulf County? Leave a comment and include your #GCFLnofilter photo URL! 

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