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22 Aug

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In my last post, I told you to save those 6 inch scraps of pool noodle for another DIY. Here is that other DIY, Boot Stands! I saw this on my pinterest feed and immediately pinned it to my Tips & Tricks board… only to find one small set back… I don’t own boots! Are you noticing a trend with all my “Pinned There, Done That, Wrote the Post” posts? I am. Why do I fail so badly at my “pinned” items? I take that back, it’s not failure, it is just an obstacle to get around. Which turns out fine by me because it allows me to put my own spin on things.
For this “obstacle” solution, I ventured to my sister’s closet to find boots. I shoved those pool noodle pieces right into the calf of the boot. I rolled the boots down so you could see the pool noodle- pure picture motive only (for these knee high boots, my 6 inch pieces of noodle were too short).
DIY Boot Stand
The pool noodle may not be wide enough to hold a round shape inside the calf of a boot (unless you have small size boots) but it will definitely keep your boots from falling over in your closet and getting bent or folded up. This nifty trick will keep your closet better organized, and it is a fraction of the cost of real boot stands.

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  1. Crystelle August 25, 2012 at 9:59 am #

    GREAT thinking!
    I guess I should do that…
    MY boots always look a mess in my closet….
    And I have and old noodle around…
    Thanks for the tip!

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