DIY Chapstick Purses

24 Jan

Paper crafts are so fun, especially when you can use them for hand outs during popular holidays- like Valentine’s Day! Today, My Memories is giving away 3 free digital packages that include the template to make your very own DIY Chaptstick Purses. As I always mention, you don’t have to be a My Memories Suite software owner to score on the deal- you just have to have a FREE account with their website. Having an account with them is nice because it saves computer space. I can download only what I need and when I need it. It saves my computer from slowing down from so many large files that I don’t even access every day. It is a free download today through January 28th- after which point you can still access the download but it will cost you. The prices vary, other wise I’d list it for you. I say this every time, but I love that My Memories sponsors Small Fine Print because their freebies don’t require a fancy craft cutter (i.e. silhouette, cricut, etc) all you generally need are scissors or an Xacto knife! Take a look at these cuties:





ChapstickPursesAs always, these collections are completely customizeable if you are a My Memories Suite software owner. That means that instead of just being able to download the file as is, you’d be able to import into the software and add your own text or pictures. This feature is particularly helpful if you are using these for Valentine’s! You can add your cute sayings like “Thanks For Sticking With me” or “Pucker Up Valentine!” or if you are using Burt’s Bee’s brand you can throw in the “You’re The Bee’s Knees” or “Bee Mine”

 Ready to be a My Memories Suite software owner?  My offer still stands- $10 off your software purchase plus $10 store credit to their online collections! Click the image below and add to cart….


And check out with code: STMMMS30383

Chapstick Purse Tutorial
1. Print your file on cardstock. One page will make 2 purses. Gather necessary supplies.
(Recommended supplies: ruler, scissors, tape, bone folder with pointed tip, ribbon, craft knife, hole punch) 

Be sure to set your margins as close to 0 as possible when printing.



2. Using the bone folder score on all the straight dashed lines.
There should be 2 long fold lines across the page. Also, score the small tabs, 2 half circles and one rectangle.
Only the small straight edges on the small tabs need to be scored.


3. Cut out all of your pieces.



4. Using a craft knife cut along the curved sections of the half circles and the long edges of
the dashed-line rectangle.



5. Fold on the fold lines. Folds should all be folded in towards the white side of the paper.



6. Insert chapstick.



7. To finish the top, you can tie a ribbon or add handles.
To Add a tied ribbon, punch 2 small holes in the top part of the purse.



8. Insert the ribbon through the holes and tie in a bow.



9. To finish the top, you can tie a ribbon or add handles.
To Add a handle, cut two equal lengths of ribbon and tape on one side.



10. Repeat on the other side of the purse.
TIP: By placing a piece of tape along the entire length of the paper, you can open and close your
purse without tearing the paper.


11. Enjoy your Chapstick Purses. 



These downloads come as a digital package which means you can use them for more than just the chapstick purse. You can use the embellishments and page backgrounds for digital scrapbooking as well! Here are the collections:


 This Digital Kit Includes:

  • 2 Digital Papers
  • 6 Page Elements
  • 1 Quick Pages


This Digital Kit Includes:

  • 3 Digital Papers
  • 8 Page Element
  • 1 Quick Pages


This Digital Kit Includes:

  • 1 Digital Papers
  • 7 Page Elements
  • 1 Quick Pages


Or if you would like just the template for purses, here is an embedded download file for you. The quality is not as great as it would be if you downloaded it from their site yourself- but if you aren’t picky and truly don’t want a free account, then this will suffice.




 Again, if you are not a My Memories Suite owner, it’s not too late to score on the great deal I’m offering! $10 off your software purchase! Click the image below and add to cart….


And check out with code: STMMMS30383

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