DIY Door Stopper

20 Aug

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Here’s another funny Pinterest story for you. Yet another time that I failed to click on the link to find out everything about the pin. I had pinned this onto my Things to Sew board thinking it was a way to keep the door from latching. I thought it was perfect! Our toddler is constantly closing doors then screaming because she is stuck. She knows how to open doors at Grandma’s house because they are the handle style doors, but our doors are just builder grade door knobs and she can’t turn them yet. So here I am, pinning it months ago thinking it is the greatest idea ever. I’ve been brainstorming how I wanted to make it my own project, when it hit me- I know how I want to make it! So I go to create this post only to find out my original pin was intended to make door shutting quiet, not impossible. Oh well. I like my purpose better. Here’s how I DIY a door stopper:

My hubby so kindly donated one of his dress shirts he never wears. I cut the cuffs off, and then cut again at about 4 inches. I wanted to keep the buttons on, mostly for looks but they came in handy. I folded the cut cuff in half so that it was thicker. I could not find my sewing needles, I’m so unorganized right now, soooo I hot glued it (shhhh!). Then, I secured elastic hair bands to the buttons. These will go around the knob to pull the latch in tight.DIY Door Stopper

One shirt makes 2 of these- unless you don’t want to use the buttons (or unless you sew on your own buttons), and then you can make 4-6 of these per shirt (obviously it depends on your shirt size). Next time around, I will go to a thrift store and find a junior’s shirt to do this with because the cuff definitely doesn’t need to be this big.

I’m so excited (and relieved) I found a solution for my daughter’s door shutting phase. And it doesn’t hurt they’re kind of cute, right?

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  1. Cydne October 28, 2012 at 7:56 pm #

    I like your version, much faster!

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