DIY Planter

29 Sep

Earlier this summer we bought trees for our backyard from a local guy. The trees came in the usual wood crates and we knew we wanted to reuse them. They just look so cool with the metal rings around them. They are very well built too. We decided to turn them into our own DIY Planter.

DIY Planter

After planting our trees in the ground, we removed the bottom of the wood crate. We measured how deep we wanted to plant, and made a piece of wood fit just in the right spot. Here is our photo collage of the steps:

DIY Planter steps

For drainage, we drilled holes in the wood, and then covered the holes with joint tape so the soil would not fall through. We stained and water proofed it all, then placed the wood in the box from the bottom side. Once it was snug, Jonathan screwed long decking screws in to hold it in place. Not into the wood but just above it so that when we flip it over, the wood rests on it. Flip it over, add our soil and plants, and we’re done!¬†

DIY Planter from Tree Crate

When it is planting season again, we want to get some larger plants in them. But for now, they are the home to our fly repelling plants!


DIY Planter from Tree Crate

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