DIY Splash Pad

8 Aug

I have been so M.I.A. lately! It seems like now that I’m the stay at home mom, where you’d think I’d have MORE time to craft, I have less time! We are STILL house hunting… but let’s be honest we haven’t done anything except look. It’s time to take things more seriously and start walk throughs and bidding! It seems like nap time has become DIY Network and HGTV time instead of craft time. It has consumed my every thought- what I would do with my own home. Living in Arizona isn’t as hot as we expected. Actually, the weather has been pretty fair to us. But one thing we have decided on is that if we don’t have a pool in our backyard, we at least want a splash pad for Jolene. How fun would that be? The subdivision we live in right now has a community pool and splash pad that we took advantage of the first month or so that we lived here. But then the thought of sharing space and water with snotty nose strangers who are a little TOO comfortable in public had me thinking it was time for a private oasis.
Jonathan started researching how to make a splash pad, rather than paying a pool company to come do it. He ordered a couple pieces from Amazon to play with (S.R. Smith Wetdek Backyard Splash Pad – 12 Nozzles Standalone). And then during nap time, doing my usual HGTV dreaming, I stumbled upon this:

If you have the time, watch the whole thing, other wise skip to the middle to find the splash pad- or skip to the end to see the final project.

We have a little more research to do on the idea, but I think it’s safe to say that our future backyard project is to install a splash pad.

Now we need a yard…… 😉

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  1. darcy March 9, 2013 at 12:06 pm #

    Hi I’m trying to see the video bit it is not showing up is there another way I can see the instructions on how to build a splash pad I’m very interested.

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