Executive’s Office Color Board

26 Feb

 While this particular post is about my Executive’s Office Color Board, what professional man or woman wouldn’t love a home office to look this luxurious too? Inspired by the blues and greens of the serene lake photo seen on the middle of the board, this board creates a calm and productive feel to your work space.

Executive's Office Color BoardThe wing backed chair keeps this traditional, while the armless chairs create a formal look for visitors. What luxury office doesn’t offer the home feeling of a couch? The fabric choices of this board are what make this room particularly comfortably productive. A place you can clear your head and think, without clearing your head and falling asleep!

Creating your own color board is simple. Browsing through magazines, keep clippings of the furniture you like- whether or not it is upholstered the way you like! While at the store, grab a couple paint swatches you are interested in. Some fabric stores will allow you to take sample squares home. Home improvement stores don’t always offer samples to go home with, but purchasing pieces of finishes or moldings won’t hurt the pocket book it’ll help you make sure it is what you want before investing in room size stock. Once you’ve begun collecting your supplies, place them on your board and start playing with different colors and patterns until you get the right feel.

 Hope this tiny hint was helpful! I’ve got more color boards coming your way, stick around! Questions? Leave a comment, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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