Family Rules |vinyl|

6 Sep

The only thing I hate about creating a vinyl decal for a customer, is never getting a great finished project picture. Still, I love to post them because they are great inspiration sometimes. Maybe they can spark an idea in someone and get them creating themselves. For this customer, I created a Family Rules vinyl decal.

Family Rules |vinyl|

It reads:

Family Rules
Always tell the truth
work hard
keep your promises
Try new things
don’t whine
Laugh out loud
always say i love you
use kind words
do your best
be grateful
be kind
be proud of yourself
say please and thank you
remember you are loved 

I used the following fonts (in no particular order): Arial Black, Black Oak, Black Jack, Segoe Print, Hand of Sean, Henny Penny, Just The Way You Are, Layne Hansom, Dancing Script, Lobster, Hobo, QKZ Summer Basic and two more that I can’t find amongst my long list of possible fonts (sorry!). You can click on the name of the fonts that are available to you for a free download. Please be careful where you do download fonts from. Allow your computer to run a virus scan. I am not responsible for any download you choose, I have downloaded these for myself at my own risk.

I love the way it turned out- doing a collage of different fonts is very in right now and although it can be difficult to do, it is a fun decor! 

What are some family rules that you would add to this?

2 Responses to “Family Rules |vinyl|”

  1. Katie Wilson October 16, 2012 at 2:46 am #


    I LOOOOVE this and would love a decal of this for our home.

    Do you ship to Australia?



    • Mandy October 18, 2012 at 4:51 pm #

      Hi Katie!

      How big would you want it? I could look into the shipping costs and send you an invoice via PayPal if it isn’t too difficult to ship (sometimes it is hard to ship vinyl depending on the size… I’m just a domestic crafter, I don’t have the supplies to ship on a regular or business basis) 🙂 let me know via email!


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