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13 Mar

Have you heard the news? Google Reader is retiring. I know! I know! I am upset, too. I use it every day. It is the only way I follow blogs- both personal and crafty/DIY. I know my husband uses it every day, too. He even uses it for business tracking. Before you start sweating it too much, I wanted to let you know I’ve done my research. There are several articles out there containing options for Google Reader Replacement, and I’ve put  them to the test. I’ve narrowed it down to my top 2 favorites- the two that I find are most user friendly.
Feedly is pretty easy to use- but it doesn’t exactly function or look like google reader. If you aren’t afraid of change, Feedly might be fun for you. It has a lot of options to personalize the home page and the way you view your subscriptions. I had fun playing with it, but nothing compared to my #1 favorite replacement- is the most like google reader. It is the most similar in appearance and in the way it functions. It also has the easiest way to import your current subscriptions to Google Reader. I liked NetVibes so much, I’m going to give you a quick step by step of how to get your Google Reader subscriptions imported to NetVibes. First, go to Google Take out. You may have to sign in with your google account, but I was already using my gmail when I did this so I skipped that step. Select Choose Services.

Google Reader Replacement



If it weren’t obvious enough, select Reader (although technically you can select any or all of these services and save a back up to your computer. I only need my Reader data backed up)




Google Reader Replacement

Next, you’ll get a screen like this


Google Reader Replacement


Just click create archive. Next, it will start creating the archive. When it is done, you can download it to your computer.

Google Reader Replacement


Once you download, it is a zip file. You will want to extract it. In the folder, there is a file that says “subscriptions.xml”. This is the file you will need for importing. Next, sign up for NetVibes. Once you are on your home screen, click “Add content”

Google Reader Replacement


This is the screen that will open. You will want to click on the small “import” text.

Google Reader Replacement


Next, find your xml file you just extracted. 

Google Reader Replacement


And just as simple as that, your RSS subscriptions are now saved in your new RSS reader. Hope this helps you as it has me! I’m not sweating Google Reader retiring anymore, now that I know there are options- and options made easy!

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  1. Steph @ Crafting in the Rain March 14, 2013 at 9:38 am #

    Thanks for this! I just did a post too…and included a link to your instructions!

  2. Beth March 14, 2013 at 9:57 am #

    just trying this now….I hope i like it as much as you!!!

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