Halloween Centerpieces

29 Oct

I am convinced that my holiday decorating ideas would be next to nothing if I didn’t have family members ask me for help with their church parties. It seems the word is out in my mom’s ward that she is really good at decorating. It just happened to get assigned to her auxiliary again this year even though it is a different auxiliary than last year. She doesn’t mind. Neither do I 🙂 This year, our Halloween centerpiece idea was inspired by my recent visit to The Glitter Academy. There, the centerpieces were mason jars of flowers with skewers of photo props in them. Everyone there had a ton of fun with them! Especially those two whacko sisters that attended:

Halloween Centerpieces Photo Prop Skewers

But for a larger group and Halloween themed, my mom and I decided to change up the idea a little bit. We still used mason jars (and some vases we had around the house), but instead of flowers we used an overload of photo props. Each mason jar was filled with brown paper shred, on a napkin table topper. Each jar had 3 balloons tied to a washer hidden in the jar that allowed them to float directly up the middle. For the photo props, we used Male Glasses (that had bushy eyebrows), Female Glasses, Lips, Mustache, A Clown Nose (just an over sized red circle), and a Princess Crown.

Photo Prop Skewer Centerpieces

It was SO fun to see both adults and kids go crazy with the photo props. They weren’t just taking pictures with them, the skewers became an addition to some of the costumes! What a CHEAP and easy Halloween Centerpiece. Add this to my “must do again” list.

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