Hand Soap Dish Soap Decal

9 Mar

If you’re fancy like my mom, you have two soaps next to the kitchen sink. One for your hands, and one for the dishes. If you’re not fancy, like me, sometimes you mistaken the non-translucent one for lotion because the translucent one is obviously the soap. Sigh. Am I alone in this mishap? Please tell me nay.┬áHere’s the solution for my mom’s kitchen- vinyl decal! Duh! One for Hand Soap and one for Dish soap, so they will never be mistaken again!

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Now I’ll never rub soap into my hands and get sticky ever again…. until the next fancy person’s house….

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  1. ScrappyRae10 March 9, 2012 at 9:14 pm #

    Very pretty and creative!!

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