Happy BEE Day Money Holder Card

28 Apr

My sister’s birthday was this month, and although I had plans for what I was going to get her somehow the days slipped right passed me. I found myself being one of those gifters … you know, the money in a card kind. Hey, there’s no shame in it! At least that’s what I told myself as I made this “Happy BEE Day” Money Holder Card for her. Happy Beeday Money Card

The paper I used was a double sided 12×12 from Bazzill Basics Paper. Their warehouse is local here in Arizona and they recently had a moving locations sale for the public. I didn’t really fully understand the difference between paper packs from Wal-Mart and by the sheet designer papers until I did this project. It is such higher quality! It made me hate the fact that chances are, this card was going to be thrown out 🙁
The beehive is a design I bought from the Silhouette Store. Design ID # 6608 by Sweet Afton, I purchased it a while ago and have been dying to use it. I cut the beehive, leaves, and branch with Bazzill cardstock. The bees were so small, I didn’t want to mess with a glue stick against those little suckers so I did those in vinyl. I outlined the beehive with an orange pen to show off the lines more.
The text I cut in the adhesive backed cardstock from Silhouette. Basically for the same reason as the bees- the font was so thin I didn’t want to mess with a glue stick. I could have done vinyl for the text as well, but I wanted to keep it 3 dimensional.

Happy Bee Day Money CardInside the card, I adhered the pocket using the outside print facing out (to contrast the inside print).
HappyBeeDay Money Card


This money holder card was SO easy! It really dressed up the casual “here’s money in a card” gift, too. I have the studio file for you to download, minus the beehive though because that was purchased. You can download it by clicking here. Just to be clear, this download is the studio file of the card template (including money pocket and text).

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