Homemade Gel Window Clings

30 Sep

The other day at Wal-mart, my daughter found Window Clings in the dollar bin. They were very cute owls and leaves with a branch. When we got home and began playing with them, she had mistaken them from fruit snacks and tried eating them. It was then that it clicked in me, “I bet I could make window clings from gelatin…”  not so much because I wanted them edible for her, but because making our own could be very fun. I had googled for a recipe before and came up blank. I ventured to the kitchen to experiment making Homemade Gel Window Clings.


What I Used:
1 box Unflavored Gelatin
Chocolate/Candy Molds
Food Coloring
3/4 cup Hot Water


While you must keep in mind that this recipe is completely and totally temporary, it is still a fun weekend activity with the kids. In full disclosure, I used food coloring in my recipe and therefore was very cautious about the area we used these window clings. I did not personal experience any dying of fabrics, carpets or skin but I do not want to be held responsible if you do 🙂 This recipe lasted about 4 days before the clings dried out and were no longer clinging to the window. There is probably a way to prolong this, including putting them in a baggie when you are not using them, or even in the fridge. I did not experiment with the preserving of them, only the concoction to make them clingy.


The directions are simple: slowly mix your gelatin with hot water until completely dissolved. I stress, slowly. If you do it too fast, it will clump and you will have a very hard time dissolving those clumps. Once it is completely dissolved, add your food coloring. Pour into your mold (I used chocolate/candy molds). Let it sit, room temperature, for about and hour to two hours.


Homemade Gel Window Clings

Homemade Gel Window Clings


You will know it is done when it slides out of the mold easily. If you have to use a butter knife to free it from the mold, it is not quite done. Once they are freed from the mold easily, you are ready to apply them to your window!

Homemade Gel Window Clings



Homemade Gel Window Clings


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  1. Diane July 25, 2015 at 1:18 pm #

    I am going to try this. Thanks for sharing.

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