Homemade Toy Box

16 Jul

I had a dilemma. My daughter has an abundance of bows. She wears a different bow everyday. I can’t stop making bows to match every outfit. I am addicted! But I’m running out of ideas for organizing them. And for the next two months, we will be living with my parents while we house hunt. Which means space is limited. I decided to redo the box they are in (for now) so things at least LOOK better. And when i finished this project I realized this was a really easy and cute way of doing a toy box as well. The best part, everything I used I already had. There was no need to go out and find supplies. I guess that’s what happens when you’re a craft hoarder.
Allow me to show you what I’ve done! 🙂
Supplies for the first steps:
A Box
Tacky Glue
Card stock

My little helper’s chunky legs 🙂

1. Your ordinary diaper box (BY THE WAY, I WILL NEVER RECOMMEND LUVS DIAPERS TO ANYONE! can we say LEAKAGE?! I already threw the receipt away otherwise I’d send it in for my money back). Tear off your top flaps.

My little helper’s chunky leg 🙂
 2. Glue on your card stock. I folded the top over and glued it down inside to create an even curve at top.
Supplies for the second part:
Accessories! I used an old t shirt of Jo’s that got stained, some wooden letters I had laying around, and a Giraffe Applique…. i did not end up using the flowers so i circled that out.

I covered the wooden letters in the cute fabric and hot glued it down. On the t shirt I used, there was a lavender and yellow trim around the neckline that I cut off and saved. Using the trim, the letters and the Giraffe, I hot glued it all in place.

And now, it doesn’t look like a diaper box of bows! 🙂

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  1. Piggy Giggles August 9, 2011 at 1:39 am #

    Great use for the diaper boxes. I have a million of them in my garage!!
    Thanks for Sharing!!

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