How To Create A Rhinestone Design

14 Sep

Remember my Fourth Of July shirts I made where I used Rhinestones on part  of the design but not all of it? The Statue Of Liberty shirt is all iron-on vinyl except her torch. The torch is rhinestone. This was done before I had been given the upgrade for the Designer Edition software that includes the simple tool to create a rhinestone design from any image. I did those rhinestones by hand (well… my husband and I). I decided to show you how I did that, so I’ve created another YouTube tutorial. This is how to create a rhinestone design with out the upgraded Designer Edition software from Silhouette.

For those of you viewing this post via email or RSS feed, you may not be able to view the emedded video. In such case, you may have to click on the title of the post to be taken to my main page for viewing- or search MandySmallFinePrint on Youtube. If I did not explain it clearly, feel free to let me know- making tutorials is easy and I’d be glad to redo it with more clear instructions. I hope this helps you create something wonderful without having to pay for any upgrade in software 🙂

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