How To Fold King Size Sheets (Fitted Included)

8 May

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My husband worked at a mattress store while in college. He can tell you more about mattresses than you probably want to know. Good news for me, that means we scored on a top of the line mattress (FREE!) while we were “starving college students”. We quickly upgraded from our hand-me-down queen size bed (thank you in-laws for the borrow) to a king size luxury bed!
Don’t ask me the brand or name, I couldn’t tell ya. I just know its amazing.
Do you know how hard it is to fold such large pieces of fabric that is king sized sheets?! OH king size linens, you were the death of me… until recently! You’ve probably seen the pin floating around that shows step by step how to fold a fitted sheet? Well, the pin I found was a dead end. It was a yahoo image and not a real blog or tutorial. Still, I’m going to share with you want I learned about folding and storing such huge pieces of linen.
Step 1

 Step 2

 Step 3

 Step 4

 Step 5

 Step 6

 Step 7

 Step 8

 Step 9

Step 10

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Not only do I keep mine folded so neatly and clean, but they are stored so nicely with the other linens. No messy piles or missing pillow cases.

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