How To Make Hair Headbands

2 Sep

My poor child is bald. Not bald, bald. Not as bald as I was as a baby. I don’t think I grew hair until I was almost 3!!! My Jo has a weird military mullet, as been previous described by a passerby. Thanks, stranger. She has nothing on the sides, pin straight strands on top, and crazy curly in the back. Solution? Baby Extensions. Your girl can wear them on top or flip it around and wear on the bottom. Both are super cute.

My mom saw this idea on 19 Kids & Counting. Their baby Josie was wearing a headband with curly hair on it and my mom wanted to try remaking it for my Jolene. We did it two different ways- one with straight hair, and one with curly hair.

Supplies you’ll need:

Fake Hair (we used my mom’s clip in hair extensions and also curly doll hair from hobby lobby)
Hot glue
Heavy Duty Thread

Here are some other pictures we tried to get, but our model wasn’t very cooperative. Have you ever tried taking photos of a 12 month old?

UPDATED 6/2012
Here are some more pictures of the final product. My niece sat still for pictures better than my toddler did 🙂

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