How To: Pack Young Kids For Travel

6 Dec

Have any big travel plans in the works? Let me tell you something I achieved over the summer that I fully plan on accomplishing again and again. I successfully packed 3 kids (3 yrs and under mind you) for 4 days away into 1 carry-on luggage. Yes, I sure did. Don’t believe me? Allow me to show you my how to: pack young kids for travel (successfully!).

How to: pack young kids for travel

Here’s your basic needs to accomplish this:
1 Gallon Storage Baggie PER kid PER day (or half gallon baggie, depending on your child’s age/clothing size)

How to: pack young kids for travel

Using my Travel Organization List (you can print your own too, it’s an amazing system I use!), I first prepared the items I needed to bring- including accessories (hair bows, neck ties, diapers, underwear, etc).
Once I created my piles of children needs by day, I put each child’s day into a storage baggie. I pressed all the air out and zipped it shut. 

How to: pack young kids for travel

There you have it. 3 kids, 4 days, 1 carry-on. BOOM! Did it. And we couldn’t forget Mr. Bunny. Heaven forbid he misses our Disneyland trip and family wedding 😉How to: pack young kids for travel

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