Ink Stained Tile

23 Aug

This post was first seen on Somewhat Simple. As a contributor to Somewhat Simple, I am able to provide my contributing tutorial.
Decorative Stained Tile 


Vinyl is good for much more than just a decoration. It can be used as a tool for decorating as well. Especially the premium vinyl (part of the promotion! now is your chance to grab some!), which makes a great stencil. As a preference, I will only use premium vinyl when creating a stencil because it is best at preventing bleeding or sliding of the stencil.
Using my premium vinyl as a stencil, I’m going to show you how to create an Ink Stained Tile (this is the same method as I used in my previous post). I had an image and quote I was excited to use, and cut it out on my CAMEO. After weeding out the negative, I used transfer paper and applied it to my 12×12 tile. Using StazOn ink pads (because it is a permanent solvent ink), I began rubbing my tile.
Decorative Stained Tile Stencil 


I prefer using ink pads because it will dry super fast, and I tend to be impatient when creating something I’m excited about. If the ink pad is too large for the image space you have, you can use a foam brush for the same effect. Once dry (about 30-60 seconds), peel off your vinyl stencil, and finish your tile with a clear sealant spray.
Decorative Stained Tile 


When creating a decorative tile, I enjoy staining it rather than applying vinyl because it gives it one flush look. You can also control the strokes with the ink for more depth to the image. Being able to customize a stencil using the Silhouette and Premium Vinyl is key to unleashing creativity. I no longer have to hunt in the stencil aisles for something that might work for the idea that I have.

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