Katy Perry And Glee Card

21 Sep

Obviously, a post like this is more about inspiration to my readers rather than “hey! try to make this too!” kind of post. This birthday card I made is completely circumstantial, but that is one of the great things about homemade cards! You can personalize them to fit the recipient. My sister Kimber turned 24 yesterday. Earlier this week, when I asked her what she wanted for her birthday, she said the Katy Perry movie or Glee seasons/cds. I joked with her about making her a homemade card, and we both brainstormed funny play on words to do with Katy Perry or Glee. We came up with “Have a Perry Happy Birthday” or “Hope Your Birthday is Filled With Glee”… for the ultimate laugh from her, I decided to create a card that tied in both of her interests. So here we go, my Katy Perry and Glee Card:

Katy Perry and Glee Card

For those of you who are not fans of Katy Perry or Glee, the “Perry” on the card is the font used on her movie title. I took an image from the internet and added it to my library on Silhouette, traced it, and drew it on the card using a marker instead of the blade (just a generic marker, not a Silhouette brand sketch pen). The cup at the bottom of the card was the hardest for me to do for some reason. I could not find an image of a cup to use, so I had do free hand the cup- and as you can see, I am no artist! The font used for the “g” and “ee” is called Avant Garde. The “L” in sign language is a font I downloaded free here. If you’ve seen logos for Glee, there is usually always a slushie being thrown and the word Glee written with someone’s thumb and pointer finger as the L. The splatter on the card (which I cut out of a paint chip) I bought for 99 cents from the Silhouette Store. It is Design id #5258 by Loni Harris. I purchased it specifically for this card, but I’m excited to use it on some other things too. The rest of the font is called “Scrap Casual”  and while it is a pain in the butt to weed when used on vinyl, I love it as a font with pen or ink.

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