Keeping Life Creative: 1st Day Of School Survival Kits

24 Jul

Every one always remembers a teacher’s gift when school is wrapping up, but what about the teacher’s after a chaotic first day back to school? Keeping Life Creative has the right idea to help you help your child’s teacher this year. It comes in the form of a free printable (yay!) and the supply list to carry out this thoughtful idea. She calls it, the 1st Day of School Survival Kits.1st Day Of School Survival Kits

Your supply list:

1st Day Of School Survival Kit Supply List

You’ll need to round up: Rubber bands, paper clips and binder clips, thumb tacks, laffy taffy, extra gum, band-aids, post it notes and pen, highlighter, tissues, peanuts. Of course there are more things you could add to this. If you think of more clever items to add leave a comment and let me know! I’m gearing up to create this someday when my own kids are in school.

Such a creative idea! It won’t cost you a ton, and it won’t take much effort to put together (especially because she offers the printable tag she created!). I love that the tag is a safari theme, because you know some class rooms are like entering the wild. I used to be a substitute teacher, I’m sure I’ve seen some of the worst!

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  1. scrappyrae10 July 24, 2012 at 7:12 am #

    AWE this is too stinking cute

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