Kitchen And Dining Room Combo Style

2 Jan

For my birthday, my mom helped me add some style to my kitchen/dining room combo. It was time to add color to the walls in this uniformed neutral painted home. Because our kitchen and dining room share a wall, we decided that would be the painted accent wall. I wanted something that would pop, but I didn’t exactly want to be making a statement. Let me show you the difference and then I’ll break down the changes we did…
Kitchen Before And After Photo

First things first, I really needed to get rid of the backsplash. I know that this textured tin stuff is trendy now, but I could not stand the gold/copper combo it used to be. My kitchen was screaming shades of brown and orange at me and those might be my two least favorite colors. When we bought this house, we bought it because of the builder grade everything knowing we’d be able to put our own touches on things. I still remember our first walk through of this house though, seeing the kitchen I was like “WHOA…ew…what the?….. ok…. it’s a cosmetic fix… ignore it…” I could ignore no longer I tell you! Knowing the wall would be the accent color, we decided to go white on the backsplash as to not clash. We began by spray painting it… but as you can see below, it left some unfinished business that only a brush could fill in. Lesson learned: just begin with the brush. It might not seem as fast, but when so many crevasses to paint it will save time in the long run. Let’s just pretend like I meant to do the spray paint as the primer…
Painted backsplashYou should have seen the day we were trying to decide what color to do the accent wall. My parents had gone and purchased sample colors, 3 or 4 I believe, and put squares up on the wall. I wasn’t thrilled about any of them, and I decided I was going to sleep on it before making a decision. Later that day, Kimber came over and wanted to take a stab at a paint color. She went out with the valance fabric to get a sample pint and painted her square up there too. I liked it I just didn’t love it, and I wanted to love it. It was amazing that all the squares up there were matched to a color in the valance fabric and yet none of them were doing it for me. A couple days went by and I finally went out to just browse to see if I could at least get the right tone of what I was looking for. I didn’t even take the fabric with me, I was going on feeling only haha. I bought 3 different colors, all similar but different shades. BAM! Nailed it. “Chance of Showers” is the name, and it blends the blue from the valance with the green of the valance/curtain combo. Oh, I’m so in love with it!
Kitchen MakeoverOkay, so you can’t tell from that photo. The fabric has paisley in the middle, and inside the paisley is this color blue. I knew I didn’t want to go green paint, because it would be way too much green going on with all that green already in the fabric. Let’s give you a closer look of the fabric and paint…

Matching an accent wall to a ensemble color

With the whole wall this color, the valance and drapery in the dining room not only match, but still look great with the neutral colored wall on the other side

There’s a nice even flow from the dining room to the kitchen now. We had enough material left over for the window in the attached formal living room as well, but we aren’t done putting that room together yet so all I have for you today is this kitchen and dining room combo style.


The accent wall as it stretches across the rooms…6

The blinds were new too, for my birthday. Even though I love our neighbors, I enjoy not having to stare each other down when we’re both in our kitchens 😉


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  1. amanda January 9, 2014 at 2:17 am #

    Wow so nicely made and it looks beatiful too….good work there
    thanks for inspiring me….

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