Labeling Folders

10 Aug

Back To The Basics Tutorial It’s back to school time, and although I don’t have any kids in school (yet), my project today can definitely spice up your school year. My project is to help organize my personal records for my two girls. I’m labeling our folders using vinyl. Sometimes I get so caught up in just showing projects as before and after, I forget about the simple basics behind cutting and applying vinyl on projects. It’s time for us all to hit the “pause” button and allow me to demonstrate weeding cut vinyl and applying it. A basic list of tools you should use when weeding and applying vinyl include: the Hook, the Scraper, and the Spatula (which are all included in this month’s Silhouette Promotion! see bottom of post for promo info). My project today requires my hook and scraper tools. Hook & Scraper ToolI cut my vinyl on the Silhouette Cameo, and then I use the hook tool to weed out all those annoying small parts of letters. The hook tool makes it so easy to grab the edges for removal. Silhouette Hook tool I’ve misplaced my hook several times and have had a headache getting through projects without it, sometimes even having to re-cut words. I highly recommend getting yourself a Hook Tool for weeding. Once the weeding is complete, add your transfer paper. I use my scraper tool to both apply the transfer paper, and also apply the vinyl onto the finish project. Scraper Tool The scraper tool is great at getting the edges of letters to really adhere to the project. It’s gentle enough not to rip through your transfer paper, but gives just the right edge to secure the vinyl down. After using the scraper tool to apply the vinyl, peel away your transfer tape, and voila! Labeling Folders These basic tools make labeling your school or office supplies a breeze! 

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