Large Utensil Holder

9 Feb

Do you remember my Toilet Paper Roll Holders I made from an empty formula can? Well I’ve done it again! These empty formula cans come in handy in so many ways! This time, I’ve created a large utensil holder using the empty can and (Free) paint sticks from a local hardware store. 

Large Utensil Holder


1. Remove the formula label

2. Cut paint sticks to size (surprisingly so easy to cut! I literally used scissors.)

3. Hot glue around the can

4. (Optional) Spray paint! The look of plain wood is cute too, but I had a purpose behind this project…

SAMSUNG We are slowly making a transition of style in our kitchen. It will be a sort of “Americana” style, and this is the color blue I want to use. It is called “Global Blue”. We are currently looking into painting that gold tin backsplash (the previous owner glued the backsplash to the wall with construction adhesive (say what?!). So in order to completely replace it, we will have to replace drywall and we don’t have that in the budget right now). The countertops will be replaced and the cabinets will be resurfaced. I’m very excited! But for now, I’m slowly adding my accent colors in decor.

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