Living Room Color Board

29 Jan

Today, we are bringing you a very lively color board to give you a great pep for your week. Created as a Living Room Color Board, this particular piece can be transformed into virtually any room you like!

Living Room Color BoardYou can see the way the bold prints compliment the neutral solids. It refreshes the traditional styling of the furniture without drowning out the room in neutral tradition. 

Creating a color board can help you stay organized during your brainstorming of remodeling. It doesn’t have to be huge and elaborate, just a way to collect your thoughts and make sure the room has a good flow to both style and color. Creating a color board before jumping in head first to your renovation can help keep your budget in place and save you time by getting colors and placement right the first time! Creating your own color board is simple. Browsing through magazines, keep clippings of the furniture you like- whether or not it is upholstered the way you like! While at the store, grab a couple paint swatches you are interested in. Some fabric stores will allow you to take sample squares home. Home improvement stores don’t always offer samples to go home with, but purchasing pieces of finishes or moldings won’t hurt the pocket book it’ll help you make sure it is what you want before investing in room size stock. Once you’ve begun collecting your supplies, place them on your board and start playing with different colors and patterns until you get the right feel.

 Hope this tiny hint was helpful! I’ve got more color boards coming your way, stick around! Questions? Leave a comment, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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