Maternity Photo Shoot

16 Jul

You know how they say with your first child you do everything, with your second you do less, and with your third + you do nothing? Man, is that true! I have scrapbooks upon scrapbooks of pregnancy and first 2 years of my oldest’s life. I have half a scrapbook of my 2nd. And so far nothing of my third. Granted, I have time- he’s only 6 weeks! With my first, my husband and I actually planned and executed a maternity photo shoot. With my 2nd, I have 2 pregnancy photos taken in front of the bathroom mirror. With my boy, I have zero pregnancy photos. Sad, huh? I follow many, many photography boards on pinterest. I was shocked when I saw one of MY personal pictures pinned by a stranger! I wasn’t offended by any means, I just have no idea how they got it! I clicked the link and it took me to a blogger image, not even a blog. It got me thinking, maybe I should post my maternity photos. Someone might like the inspiration? So here we go:
I purchased iron-on vinyl and created a “hello my name is…” shirt

Maternity Photo ShootMaternity Photo ShootMaternity Photo Shoot



At Hobby Lobby, I purchased ABC blocks for $2 (although, I did need 2 bags because I have repetitive letters)
Maternity Photo Shoot Maternity Photo Shoot Maternity Photo Shoot Maternity Photo Shoot Maternity Photo Shoot

Although her name is Jolene, she does have 2 nicknames- Jo or Joee (Joey). Funny story: when my 2nd child was little, we were at the store and I had called her “Ros” (short for Roslyn). Someone in the store thought I had said Ross, followed by calling my oldest Joee. She asked if I was a fan of the TV show “Friends”. I said “Yeah…? Why?” She said “You have a Ross and Joey… do you have boys that are Phoebe and Rachel?” I wanted to smack the stranger but I refrained. Just smile and walk away….


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  1. Helen @ Blue Eyed Beauty Blog July 23, 2013 at 5:40 pm #

    Very fun photos! I’m pregnant with my first and haven’t done much except a few photos when I first found out.

    Blue Eyed Beauty Blog
    Exercise Encouragement GROUP Blog

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