Metal Bed Frame Padding

3 Jan

In the girls’ room, the mattress set is on a metal bed frame. Time and time again, mostly in the middle of the night, we’d hear Joee yelp as she stubbed her toe or cut her heel on the exposed metal leg. Even I have had my run ins with this evil contraption. Do you know what I’m talking about?
metal bed frame leg

Please tell me I’m not alone. Tell me it has happened to you, even if it hasn’t. There’s not possible way Joee and I didn’t learn our lesson after the first or second time we under calculated our steps. A couple weeks ago, I had had enough. I was scooting down from Joee’s bed and caught my heel on it real good. There weren’t enough neon bandaids in the cupboard to support the wound I had given myself. Something had to be done, for the sake of pretty feet every where! 😉
Solution: Pool Noodle Padding, of course! What else?
pool noodle paddingI simply took that pool noodle, and with household scissors chopped off the length I needed followed by slicing it right down the middle. It folded open nicely, and bent itself around that pesky little metal bed frame leg.

Problem solved. Super Mom Points: 10 (this is the part where you hum the super hero theme music)

No more stubbing toes and cutting heels

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