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12 Nov

A while back my daughter was hunting through our bookcase and found an old notebook of mine from college. In this notebook I kept thoughts, impressions, notes, and quotes from church meetings, firesides, broadcasts, personal study and school courses. I hadn’t necessarily forgotten about my notebook, I cherish it too much to forget about it, but I had forgotten just how awesome some of the things that are written in it are. She brought it to me in pieces (did I mention it is old?) and as I tried to place it back together in a correct orderly fashion, I read her some excerpts. I realized as I pieced it back together that I needed to find a more permanent way to keep these so as I transition my notebook to digital files, I am going to share with you now and then some of the excerpts.

When you try to force people with a “sword” to do/act good or just things, it will have less effect than teaching/preaching them with the word.
Alma315pdf download of image here: Alma315

This particular note stood out for many reasons. The first being, I’ve seen this within the church before. The parents who force “with a sword” things that are right have a harder time getting their children to understand why. Whereas, the parents I’ve seen teach by example and by “the word” or lovingly have children who understand the importance or church or the importance of basic gospel principles better. I strive to remember that as I teach my children.
The second reasoning it stuck out has less to do with religion but can be applied the same way. I’ve found here at home that when I force my child “with a sword” to do a chore or clean, it has less effect on her than if I explain to her the importance of keeping things nice and clean. She is more willing to help keep things nice and clean when she understands why rather than being forced. 
Maybe this is a stretch.

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