From My Notes | Mosiah 2:41

13 Oct

My daughter was hunting through our bookcase and found an old notebook of mine from college. In this notebook I kept thoughts, impressions, notes, and quotes from church meetings, firesides, broadcasts, personal study and school courses. I hadn’t necessarily forgotten about my notebook, I cherish it too much to forget about it, but I had forgotten just how awesome some of the things that are written in it are. She brought it to me in pieces (did I mention it is old?) and as I tried to place it back together in a correct orderly fashion, I read her some excerpts. I realized as I pieced it back together that I needed to find a more permanent way to keep these so as I transition my notebook to digital files, I am going to share with you now and then some of the excerpts.

I had a good 2 pages worth of notes in my notebook about a testimony given at church. A man bore his testimony about keeping the commandments. He quoted King Benjamin’s address and testified he knew keeping the commandments makes you happy.
From My Notes | Mosiah 2:41pdf download of above image: Mosiah241

For those of my readers that are not LDS, Mosiah is from the Book Of Mormon. 4 represents chapter four, and 9-10 represents verses nine through ten. Click here to see the digital page of this scripture in full. Click here to learn more about the Book of Mormon.

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