From My Notes| Mosiah 4:9-10

10 Sep

My daughter was hunting through our bookcase and found an old notebook of mine from college. In this notebook I kept thoughts, impressions, notes, and quotes from church meetings, firesides, broadcasts, personal study and school courses. I hadn’t necessarily forgotten about my notebook, I cherish it too much to forget about it, but I had forgotten just how awesome some of the things that are written in it are. She brought it to me in pieces (did I mention it is old?) and as I tried to place it back together in a correct orderly fashion, I read her some excerpts. I realized as I pieced it back together that I needed to find a more permanent way to keep these so as I transition my notebook to digital files, I am going to share with you now and then some of the excerpts.

Today’s post comes from a single loose sheet of my notebook of which I simply wrote “Mosiah 4:9-10 If you believe in these things, see that you do them”.

Mosiah 4:9-10pdf download of above image: Mosiah4910

In my blogging past, I have not really explained or pushed religion in any post. I just kind of figured if you read my blog and were LDS, you knew what that specific post was about and if you weren’t LDS, you’d probably skip over it anyway. While writing this post, I realized this might come off rude or confusing to any non-LDS readers. While I am in no way pushing you to inquire more, I do want to provide you with the correct links and information about my beliefs.
For those of my readers that are not LDS, Mosiah is from the Book Of Mormon. 4 represents chapter four, and 9-10 represents verses nine through ten. Click here to see the digital page of this scripture. Click here to learn more about the Book of Mormon.

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