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29 Sep

My daughter was hunting through our bookcase and found an old notebook of mine from college. In this notebook I kept thoughts, impressions, notes, and quotes from church meetings, firesides, broadcasts, personal study and school courses. I hadn’t necessarily forgotten about my notebook, I cherish it too much to forget about it, but I had forgotten just how awesome some of the things that are written in it are. She brought it to me in pieces (did I mention it is old?) and as I tried to place it back together in a correct orderly fashion, I read her some excerpts. I realized as I pieced it back together that I needed to find a more permanent way to keep these so as I transition my notebook to digital files, I am going to share with you now and then some of the excerpts.

Today’s excerpt is a quote from Marjorie Hinckley about her arrival to the Pearly Gates. I love her eloquence in thoughts on serving others and being Christlike. Are we truly living? Are we showing the Lord we are really here and really lived?
From My Notes | Pearly Gates Arrival by Marjorie Hinckleyyou can find the pdf file for download here MarjorieHinckley

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  1. Linda Bentley Johnson November 23, 2014 at 7:41 pm #

    Actually, Sister Hinckley DID NOT say or write the pearly gates quote. A woman named NADINE HOBBY said this right before she passed away from cancer. She was quoted anonymously in LDS author Jack Christianson’s book “What’s So Bad About Being Good?” because she didn’t want her name used. However, Bro Christianson gave me permission to use her name now and let her voice be heard. I have done research on this for a while to find the source since I used the quote in a talk in 1997. Pass it on and correct the error!

    • Mandy January 2, 2016 at 10:56 am #

      Then how is it possible this is published in her book “small and simple things”?

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