Oldometer Birthday Card

24 Mar

My dad’s birthday was last week. He turned 59, which seems hard to wrap my head around. He and my mom will always be in their 40’s to me…59 is basically 60! Haha. Sorry, Dad. I know you read this blog. For as long as I can remember my dad has talked about wanting to take flying lessons. Paragliding, Hot Air Balloons, Private Planes… you name it, he’s wanted to try it. Something about flying has had my dad dreaming. So when my sister found a Groupon for an intro course to flying in our area, the siblings joined together to get it for him. I made him this Oldometer birthday card to go with it.

Oldometer Birthday Card



For the inside of the card, I sketched the segway to what his gift was.

Oldometer Birthday Card

My sister found a vintage toy airplane, and we wrapped that with the Groupon confirmation of purchase. I think he was pretty stoked. 
Although the inside of the card is pretty specific to the gift we were giving, I did save the layout of the outside of this Oldometer Card. You can click here to download the studio file to create this card.


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