Fine Finds Friday And Patriotic Door Displays

17 May

Fine Finds Friday

 Did everyone have a good Mother’s Day? I sure did! I was pampered with a pedicure (and the guy doing my pedicure took pity on my swollen pregnant feet and extended my massage. It was amazing), I had my baby shower the next day, followed by sleeping in on Sunday! I also got these for Mother’s Day. They should be arriving any day now. With Mother’s Day gone, it’s on to Memorial Day! Can you believe it? I wanted to share with you some Patriotic Door Displays to get your Red,White, and Blue flowing!

(You can click the images, they are all links)

This first one comes from The Gluesticks Blog, and although the colors aren’t Red, White, and Blue- this wreath would make an adorable patriotic display this year! 
Stars Wreath

This one might be one of my favorites of all time, just because you just never see anything like this! It comes from Sew Totally Smitten as a guest post on Somewhat Simple. The USA Moss display:
Patriotic Door Display

This unique wreath comes from Cats Craftroom. It’s a flag clothespin wreath that is super easy and cheap to create!
Patriotic Door Display

Although I wish there was a blog to link to this one, this flag ruffle wreath comes from a neighbor of mine. It is just too cute not to share!
Patriotic Door DisplayAnd last but certainly not least, I heart naptime made a super classy flag wreath if you don’t like big frill.
Patriotic Door DisplaysDo you have any door displays you’ve done for patriotic holidays?
Julie over at Just Winging It and I are ready to get this party started! New here?
Every week Friday until Sunday, I host a linky party where I love for you to bring your creations.
Whether it be a recipe you tried, a craft you made, home decor, or anything DIY- all is welcome!

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