We Can’t All Be The Princess |Vinyl|

31 Dec

All our boxes may not be unpacked yet, but I’m getting vinyl back up on my walls! Our new home has neutral color walls, so eventually we’ll get creative with paint colors but until then- vinyl, vinyl, vinyl!!!

My daughter Jolene sure is a character. She is very strong willed and knows what she wants and when she wants (We have noidea where she gets that….;)) and although she does know how to listen and will mind me, she still acts like the princess around here! So when I saw this saying, I knew I had to do it on her door. Take a gander-

The font I used is from dafont.com and is called “Joy Like Sunshine Through My Windpane” you can find it here for a free download

The princess crown clip art I found online. One of the joys of having a silhouette vs cricut is that you can find an image and use it without buying an $80 cartridge. Just another plug from this Silhouette fan right here (By the way, silhouette is not a sponsor on my blog nor pays me in any form to love them. It comes naturally. I’ve actually reached out to see if they’d sponsor me or host a giveaway. I got shut down. I’m not popular enough. Life goes on.)

Just one of my designs I’ve done on the house. More to come!

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