Print & Cut Halloween Take Out Box

8 Oct

Need a cute way to give a goodie to a class or neighbor? Try a print & cut Halloween take out box! This is such a fun way to put together a Halloween treat- without the spook and creep (like my printable Halloween coffin box from last year!). Right now, these adorable little digital downloads are available through My Memories for FREE until October 20 (at which point they’ll still be available but for a price!) so you’ll want to hurry over now and add these freebies to your archive.

Print & Cut Halloween Take Out Box

Because this freebie comes from My Memories, you can use the My Memories Suite software to personalize your box. If you don’t have the software, you can still download the sample project and the elements, but you will not be able to customize your project.You don’t have to own the software to print the template and assemble the boxes. 

Still not a My Memories Suite owner? It’s not too late to score on the great deal I’m offering! $10 off your software purchase! Click the image below and add to cart….

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Ready to see the Halloween Take Out Box collections?
REMEMBER, grab them now because they are only free until Oct. 20, 2013

Click the collection photo below to be taken to the collection page. Scroll down to the bottom of this post to see assembly instructions.

Halloween Take Out Box set 1 of 3

This Digital Kit Includes:
10 Page Elements
2 Quick Pages


Halloween Take Out Box set 2 of 3

This Digital Kit Includes:
7 Page Element
2 Quick Pages


Halloween Take Out Box set 3 of 3

This Digital Kit Includes:
6 Page Elements
2 Quick Pages

Take Out Box Tutorial
1. Print your file on cardstock. Gather necessary supplies.
(Recommended supplies: ruler, scissors, glue, bone folder with pointed tip, stapler, craft knife) 
Be sure to set your margins as close to 0 as possible.

2. Using the bone folder score the box on all fold lines. From each corner of the center rectangle, make 3 score lines: one to the middle dashed line, and one to each inside corner.

Also, score around the center rectangle and the top edge.

3. There should be a total of 20 scores when you are done. 

See the picture below for a diagram of all score lines. Score lines are traced in black.

4. Cut out your box. 

5. Turn your box over so that the printed side is down and fold in the top tabs. 

6. Starting on one corner, find the center score line and fold the paper from the bottom corner up. 

7. Keeping the center fold together, fold the triangular piece you have just created over to one side and then the other. 

8. Pinch the bottom rectangular ends to form a 90 degree angle. 

9. Repeat steps 6-8 for each of the four corners and bottom edges of the box. 



10. Turn your box over so that the printed side is down and apply glue to the triangle shaped pieces formed by your folds. There should be a total of 8, 2 at each corner
11. Pinch the triangle shaped pieces together, to form the corners of the box. 

12. Fold the newly formed triangle pieces towards the smaller edges of the box. 

The edges should overlap, and staple in place.

13. Using the craft knife, cut the slit on the top flap. 

14. Fold the top flap in and secure the hook in the opening to keep the box closed. 



Please click here for the pdf download of just the take out box templates and not the complete digital download.

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  1. Katie Wood October 8, 2013 at 3:21 pm #

    Awesome!! Pinned it!

  2. lemondedis November 7, 2013 at 7:33 pm #

    thank you so much : these are awesome !

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