Printable Deco Dragon Balls

9 May

Deco balls are a popular and simple decor idea. Throw a couple balls in a decorative bowl and place on any table to add color, texture and fill in space that could be otherwise hard to use. Today I bring you a freebie download from our sponsor My Memories. These printable deco dragon balls are perfect for a quick seasonal update to your deco ball bowl! Today through May 19th My Memories is giving away 3 free digital downloads. As I always mention, you don’t have to be a My Memories Suite software owner to score the download for free- you just have to have an account (no cost!) with their website. Having an account with them is nice because it saves computer space. I can download only what I need and when I need it- delete it when I’m done, and have it always available when I want it again. It saves my computer from slowing down from so many large files that I don’t even access every day. Again, this is a free download today through May 19th- after which point you can still access the download but it will cost you. REMEMBER- you don’t need a fancy craft cutting machine (i.e. Silhouette, Cricut, Zing, etc) to make these! The printables are so easy all you need are scissors or X-acto knife!

Printable Deco Dragon Balls


Aren’t they so cool? I downloaded my free copy and emailed it to my local printing store, because these printable sheets are so colorful, I didn’t want to waste my home printer ink. Plus, this way I could have them printed on premium paper and allow them to last a lot longer! Here is how you assemble them:

Deco Dragon Eggs Tutorial

1. Print your Deco Dragon Egg templates on the front and back of a sheet of paper. 
You will need to print two pages (12 shapes total) for each Deco Dragon Egg. 

Here you see the front (left) and back (right). 
(Printing Tip: Remove the white png guide on the front of your page to better hide cutting mistakes)

2. After you print out your design, cut out the shapes.

3. Take two of the shapes and interlink them with the fronts of the design and the tabs out.

4. Add the other shapes one by one.

5. Enjoy your Deco Dragon Eggs!


Ready for your downloads? You not only get the pre-made layout for easy print and cutting- you get corresponding digital scrapbook pages and embellishments. You can personalize them using the MyMemories suite software. That means that instead of just being able to download the file as is, you’d be able to import into the software and add your own text or images.

Ready to be a My Memories Suite software owner?  My offer still stands- $10 off your software purchase plus $10 store credit to their online collections! Click the image below and add to cart….


And check out with code: STMMMS30383

Here are the digital packages they are offering for FREE until May 19th-

Package #1 (click image to be taken to download page)

Printable Deco Ball Package 1

This Digital Kit Includes:
10 Page Elements
4 Quick Pages

Package #2 (click image to be taken to download)


This Digital Kit Includes:
7 Page Element
4 Quick Pages

Package #3 (click image to be taken to download)


This Digital Kit Includes:
10 Page Elements
4 Quick Pages

For those of you not looking for the complete digital download kit, I have included JUST a download of the ball templates for you to print and cut. See the embed boxes below and corresponding direct link downloads:

BLANK template (direct downlad link)- if you want to use your own decorative paper/print:

Package #1 (direct download link here)

Package #2 (direct download link here)

Package #3 comes in two parts- for some reason the files were too large for me to merge as one so here we go, part 1 (direct download here)

And Part 2 (direct download here)

Please keep in the mind the quality of this download is no where near the quality you would get if you downloaded it from My Memories Suite.

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  1. Robin May 16, 2013 at 6:01 am #

    This will be a great project for the kids to try this summer! Thank you for linking this up on Fluster’s Creative Muster Party!


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