Printable Easter Activities

26 Mar

In some parts of the country, winter is still in full swing. In other parts, spring has begun. Here in Arizona it feels as though we’re on to summer already! Monsoons have already begun. What ever the weather, printable Easter activities for kids are a great way to spend a little quiet time in doors. My household was no exception.

Printable Easter Activites


I have my hands on 2 printables today. The first is the matching game (pictured above with Jolene). You can right click to save the jpg below or use the pdf download here: EasterEgg Matching

Printable Easter Activities


The second printable is a fun spring coloring page. It can double as an educational challenge for older kids, or just be plain fun for younger kids to scribble on. You can right click the image below to save it to your computer, or click the pdf download here: SpringFlowerColoringPage

Printable Easter Activities


 Jolene had a lot of fun with these. We printed extras that she took to “pre-school” with her so that she could do it again with her friend. And then later that day she requested a new sheet so that she could color it in with water-color paints. Who knew something so simple would keep her occupied multiple times!? 🙂

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