Queens In Training

27 Mar

My mom and I got busy last night thinking up and creating decor for her stake’s upcoming girls camp. They are doing a Renaissance theme, and the leaders are all the “Queens” and my mom is in charge of the snack shack. We had come up with a couple different options but the one she liked the best was “QT”… like the gas station… and it stands for “Queen’s Treats” and the youth leaders that will be helping at the snack shack will be the “Queens In Training”…. we have stolen the logo from QT and used it for a few things we’ve made for my mom:
Queens In Training
These are the crowns the “Queens In Training ” will be wearing at the snack shack stop…. The crowns were $1 at JoAnn’s and then I did the vinyl
Snack Bar Sign "Queens Treats"
And this is the vinyl banner we made that my mom is going to put on a plank of wood and hang from her snack shack tent. We think it turned out really nice, we’re happy with it!
I can’t remember who these are for but we made a couple tiles with the stake’s theme “The Best Is Yet To Come” and a flour de lis in the background, they sit on an easel.

The Best Is Yet To Come handout

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