Quick Laundry Room Makeover

30 Sep

I was desperate for some change somewhere in the house. The easiest (and smallest) place to start was the laundry room. I took advantage of a rainy Saturday (that way Jonathan didn’t have outdoor plans! hehe) and asked him to help me with a quick laundry room makeover… 

A Quick Laundry Room Makeover

Let me break it down a little for you. Before, we had junk always on the dryer. A tension rod was a great idea for drying clothes and hanging sprays on, but little did I know it stretches the spring out on the spray bottles and breaks them. Still, I wanted to keep the rod for drying clothes. Also, I only had 1 shelf in my laundry room. There definitely was enough room for more, it is a vaulted ceiling room. I asked Jonathan to move the shelf up higher and add a half shelf lower to keep cleaners on. Someday, I’ll have pretty baskets to store the junk up on the shelf. For now, I am happy with my quick laundry room makeover.

A Quick Laundry Room Makeover

Also pictures is my Laundry Room Aid for lost socks, which I still use and love. And yes, my ironing board needs a new cover. I seldom iron (we just simply don’t wear clothes that need it often) so it’s not really a priority. I think I use my iron more for crafts than clothes. And while it looks like I buy the expensive detergent, it is actually donated containers that I use for my homemade laundry detergent. BAM! That’s how it’s done.A Quick Laundry Room Makeover

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