Reverse Burnt Toast

17 Dec

My kids hate burnt toast. Heck, I hate burnt toast. There are few people who like the taste of burnt anything! Except maybe my mom. She likes the taste of burnt toast. I think it’s from growing up in a family of 11 kids…. burnt toast or no toast! You pick! Just kidding….. half just kidding. This morning I was making the kids eggs and toast when the toast popped up burnt.
Burnt your toast? Easy fix!
I always forget to check the settings before I throw bread in. My fault. Now, I had two options. Option 1: throw the toast away and try again. Option 2: Whip out what I call the “Emily Method” and serve it anyway. What’s the “Emily Method”? Don’t worry, I’m about to tell you in the form of a mini flash back memory that came to me in perfect timing this morning.

The “Emily Method”

I had a roommate in college, Emily. Emily, if you’re out there, I still love you. You were my favorite roommate. No offense to Melissa, Zoraya, Stephanie, Jenna, Suzie, etc etc etc. Emily and I had a special connection. She may not even realize she taught me this, but I observed this method one Sunday morning while we were waiting to walk to church. Emily stood in the kitchen preparing her breakfast, which was commonly peanut butter on toast, when her toast popped up burnt. Without skipping a beat in our conversation, Emily stood over the sink and began to gently scratch at her bread with a butter knife. Slowly, the burnt crumbs fell off into the sink and all she had left was toasted bread.
Granted, it was thinner toasted bread. But it was toast, and it was saved.

So I used this method this morning in order to save breakfast! (you’re supposed to read that in the same tone and inflections as the ‘save Christmas’ quote…)

How To Reverse Burnt Toast- my kids hate burnt toast! So glad this method saves the day

And my kids ate it. And my kids never knew the difference. Thank you, Emily. Thank you for teaching me this without teaching me this, and thank you for the joyous flash back this morning.

It wouldn’t be right to mention Emily without my signature theme song I sing to her every time we speak, so this “how to reverse burnt toast” post is officially over and now I move on to my closing song. My blog tribute to Emily.
*clears throat*
Emorrrry, my frrriiiiiiiend. Partner in many dreams. Walking down the road, I seeeeeeee. The choice is not what it seeems.

For you LDS readers, you might recognize this from the seminary videos. It’s the only song with “Emily” in it, therefore it became my Emily Theme Song years ago.

Love you, Em.

how to reverse burnt toast - because my kids hate burnt toast!

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